Lyndsie Fogarty

DOB 17 April 1984 PLACE YOU CALL HOME Gold Coast, Queensland WHAT YOUR MATES CALL YOU Lynds, Fog CRAFT YOU USE Nelo vanquish 3 FAVOURITE DISTANCE OR EVENT K4 500m closely followed by K2 500m FAVOURITE BODYSCIENCE PRODUCT Not too sure… Haven’t had them all! RACING SUPERSTITIONS My hair.. Always has to be in a plait. Few little fidgets and little odd things I do while coming into the start cones. DAILY ROUTINE Wake early train.. Eat…. Recovery.. Eat… Train… Train… Eat.. Sleep….. REPEAT! x 6 ONE THING YOU HATE Bad manners, running out of coffee! ONE THING YOU LOVE Sleep ins + coffee and cafe hopping. YOUR SIGNATURE DISH IN THE KITCHEN Wow! So many to choose from! I LOVE baking! Savory - grilled Dukah crusted salmon with roasted veg and grilled haloumi salad Sweet - raspberry and white chocolate waffle pudding or banoffee pie

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