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New models, great results

Tuesday, 18-Jun-13 19:35:04 UTC

At the last Europeans our boats performed better than ever! The hard work done during the winter paid off and the improvements applied in some classes and fittings helped us being stronger and gaining even more trust from paddlers around the world.

The full new model for heavy paddlers looking for a more smooth running boat, could not have a better start with wins in the K1 1000m and K1 500m with Rene Holten Poulsen. This boat is now available in the market after 2 years of development behind us. Check it here.


We also applied some changes in the C1 Quattro giving a better running glide and better balance, the changes were welcome by the previous users and the results came naturally for this new version. Martin Fuksa (C1 Quattro XL), Mathieu Goubel (C1 Quattro XXL) and Andrii Kraytor (C1 Quattro XL).


The updating of the C2 Quattro M, was also a key point for us, the new C2 M is fitting a size gap between the previous C2 M and the C2 L.  That change allowed teams such as Romenia (bronze in 1000 mt), France and Spain to have a better fitting for their paddlers and achieve the final at the Europeans, joining other 3 Quatro L C2 to a total of 6 boats in that final.

We closed this Championships with 29 of 36 possible medals! these new improvements will for sure help us giving a better fitting to our paddlers and to step by step keep meeting their expectations on how their boats should behave and perform.